September 18 – 20, 2020

It is through community that we heal. We have a biological need to be around other people: for friendship, for love and to simply feel safe. Feeling a part of a community increases our immunity, our serotonin levels, gives us boosts of oxytocin (especially after a long hug) and raises our endorphins – all the chemicals we need to feel happy. Through various therapies such Yoga including breathing and meditation practices we take control back for our own healing and ultimately connection back to our Self.

We’ve chosen two large cottages situated right on Georgian Bay on our own private beach with plenty of space for group discussions (satsang), yoga practices and sit-down meals. Plus, enjoy some quiet time to read, reflect, play in the water or other healing modalities designed just for you. All weekend activities are optional, allowing you to choose your own pace for healing and practice.

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