One Day Retreats

Purusha is the cosmic being or Self. It is unchangeable and continuous. It is the very light that exists within us. Some refer to it as the soul or spirit, energy or simply love. This is who we are on the inside, our true Self and what has always been. When we feel connected to Self, we feel connected to the whole world around us and everything in it. We are fully in the present moment and also experience a deep love and joy for our Self. It’s a beautiful space to be, so how can we get there? By connecting to the source, Prana – our life energy.

Pranayama or breathing practices have traditionally been used to directly impact our energy and vitality. In altering our breath patterns through various kriyas (cleansing practices) and with the use of mudras (hand gestures) and meditations, we are able to directly impact our nervous system in a positive way. Breathing is the only function that we have that crosses both our somatic nervous system and our autonomic nervous system. In times of pain (both physical and emotional) our breath becomes shallow or we may even hold our breath. In controlling our breath patterns, we are able to ground ourselves, develop mindfulness and begin to reduce our negative impressions, peeling back the veils that lead back to Self.

Your Day Retreat Includes:

  • Gentle movement practice in preparation for our seated postures.
  • Energetic practice for the breath including kriyas (cleansing practices), breath retention and mantra meditation.
  • Meditative practice, closing our energy channels through calming breathwork and a guided meditation (end of day)
  • Pranayama Workbook
  • Yummy plant based lunch

You Will Learn:

  • Breath practices to use in your personal practice and with clients.
  • How our breath practices impact our nervous system, reducing anxiety and alleviating symptoms of depression.
  • The importance of breath work for cardiovascular health.
  • The impact of breath on the subtle body as it relates to the vayus, or 5 components of prana.

This one-day retreat is perfect for anyone looking to go deeper in their practice, anyone taking care of injuries or even looking to begin a new practice. Those working in Therapy based disciplines will learn breathing techniques to use with their clients.

Registered Yoga Teachers are eligible to receive 6 CECs through Yoga Alliance. 
A certificate will be issued at the end of the day.

Retreat Leader: Lisa Greenbaum

Founder of Sangha Wellness Retreats. Lisa has a strong passion for fitness, yoga and movement, empowering her students through the practice of yoga and community.  2018 Canadian Presenter of the Year for canfitpro, and Optimyz Magazine’s top 100 Health and Fitness Influencers in Canada 2017-2020, Lisa has been teaching since 2001. 

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