At Home Retreats

At Home Retreats are the perfect way to enjoy the deeper Yoga experiences we would enjoy while on retreat. A 90min. practice completely devoted to your self-care and all from the private sanctuary of your own home. Recordings of the live practice are sent to all those registered post event in case the time zone or other life commitments don’t match up. Looking for a practice to enjoy right now, scroll down for past events available for purchase today.

Saturday, October 24, 2020 11am – 12:30pm EST $25. CAD

Creating space so we can let go, let go of the plan, let go of how we think we are supposed to be. Slowing down our movements, connecting to our breath and listening to the subtle whispers of our body we begin this healing journey together. Letting go of samskaras (impressions, stories, habits) and simply being present we begin to unravel the chronically held tension from our bodies, quieting our fight or flight response and releasing stress and trauma.

Saturday, November 21st 2020 11am – 12:30pm EST $25 CAD

From an Ayurvedic perspective, both Fall and Winter are known as the Vata period. Vata represents an airy quality that is cool and dry and also a period of infused creativity, when unbalanced it often leaves the mind scattered and in melancholy. Mimicking nature’s desire for hibernation, our self-care practice should be centred on warmth, calmness and quieting the mind. Connecting you back to you, connecting you back to Self.

Saturday, December 19th 2020 11am – 12:30pm EST $25 CAD.

In the spirit of Bhakti Yoga – or love for the sake of love, we will celebrate and cultivate loving joyful energy through our practice. For many, this holiday season is more difficult than in other years. We may feel more disconnected or less like celebrating. When we focus on cultivating gratitude from within, finding our joy from within, we may find our outlook and energy shifts dramatically. Come home to your-Self, be the master of your own joy.

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Your Teacher

Lisa Greenbaum is the founder of Sangha Wellness Retreats, author and certified Yoga Therapist with nearly 19 years of teaching experience. She has traveled the world teaching Yoga and specializes in Yoga for mental health and trauma care. 

Setting Up

All you need is a Yoga mat, a blanket and a bit of space to create your sanctuary. Create some ambience with your favourite incense or essential oils. Yoga experience isn’t required. You may also want a meditation cushion or pillow for our longer meditations. Yoga experience isn’t required.


Slowing down, listening, honouring our Self. A cool & soothing flow guides us through both strengthening and stretching the body at a slower pace. Reducing excess heat and tension. Explore moon salutations, breath practices to cool the body and a meditation to soothe your soul. 

Step out of blame and shame and guilt, they are not serving you. Step into the full capacity of your heart centre and free yourself to be the radiant being of light and love that you already are. The ultimate self-care and self-love retreat. Enjoy both Yang and Yin based heart opening postures.

These last couple months have been a huge challenge to us on all levels and in so many ways we’ve been left at the sidelines, trying our best to hold it all together, waiting and hoping. The time is now! 25min. core work, 25min. Yin based postures + 20min. guided meditation.

When we slow down, when we get very quiet within, that is when we hear the whispers of our heart. Our third chakra, home of our third eye is the ability to look within. It is based on trusting our self and cultivating our intuition. This practice is centred around building this space. Helping you clear your mind, create focus and trust in the power of you. Cultivating our intuition, living from our heart.

It’s time to go on a journey, to cultivate balance and harmony within. Bringing us inward, connecting to our Self as we explore the 7 chakras, or energy wheels of our subtle body. A slow flow with quiet chanting and meditation. Grounding for safety, flow and let go, ignite the fire, open our hearts, speak our truth, trust our intuition and connect to the universe. Where will this journey take you?

What People are Saying….

“I really enjoyed the Chakra Journey retreat. It was much gentler than I was expecting but it left me feeling very peaceful. It was the first time I did a chakra routine that incorporated using the seed sounds. I really enjoyed learning how to actually use them with the chakras.” – Pat C.

“Lisa is so engaging and shares her knowledge in an easy, relatable way. This workshop was a lovely mix of work and release. Another keeper, for sure!” – Michelle G.

“I have participated in Lisa’s classes both in person and virtually, so I knew it would be an inspiring and thoughtful practice. I had no idea how powerful the psoas release would be. I came away feeling so renewed, and with a sense that I had left a lot of the weight that I had been carrying with me back on my mat. It was an emotional and physicalRead more about review stating So Powerful release I did not realize I needed and has really and truly set me free.” – Kerri A. 

“In these unprecedented times, this powerful and calming practice was perfect for balancing one’s mind, body and soul. Thank you Lisa for making this practice available in the safety and comfort of our own homes.” – Cathy T. 

“Lisa is wonderful, patient and supportive in your journey. She is easy to speak with and any questions before class she was always there to answer. Wonderful class and experience!!” – Angelica A.

“I love how Lisa is able to tie strength and wellness together for mind and body. She’s a fabulous teacher. Her at home retreats are also a great way to “get away” and focus on self.” – Rebecca G.